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Hope changes everything.

Transforming lives, organizations & communities through the science of hope.
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The evidence is clear.

Hope is not simply a wish or a feeling. It is a proven science we can measure, apply and cultivate in our communities. And as over 2,000 studies show, it is a leading predictor of success in nearly every sector.

To solve the problems we all share, we need to measure, nurture and build hope in every sector. But how? Hope Rising Oklahoma is here to help.

Your community can become a hope-centered community.

Led by Oklahoma First Lady Sarah Stitt and renowned scholar Dr. Chan Hellman, Hope Rising Oklahoma is bringing the science of hope to communities across the state. We provide the framework, training/certification programs and ongoing support so you can:

With Hope Rising Oklahoma, you can use the science of hope to impact your outcomes and fuel your effectiveness in incredible ways.

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Imagine the impact of Hope Rising Oklahoma.

Imagine your community empowered by the science of hope.

Imagine this movement spreading beyond your community, beyond Oklahoma.

Imagine, from coast to coast, people and organizations and communities—even entire states—rising to become beacons of hope to the world.

The impact you imagine can become a reality. And it all starts here.

Book - Hope Rising

Want to learn more about the science behind Hope Rising Oklahoma? Get the best-selling book that started it all!

Hope Rising Oklahoma is an initiative of the Sarah Stitt Hope Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, and a proud partner of the Hope Research Center at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa. To learn more about how your foundation or organization can support our work through a tax-deductible donation, please contact us.

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